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Services & Rates

Reiki with Intuitive Coaching

This 90-minute session is a combination of relaxation and gentle talk therapy.  Tracy will guide you through different techniques to create balance within the heart, mind, body, spirit/soul.  A safe space is created for you to fully enjoy the treatment.  

Treatment may be done in person or virtually.

Rate: $190.00

Introduction to Unlearning

If you are on the fence or uncertain about investing in a healing session, this choice is for you.  This 40-minute session is designed to give you a feel and understanding of what it is like to heal from a different perspective.  Unlearning is an important part of healing: unlearning behaviors that were given to us by ancestors, past traumas, societal expectations, and much more.

Rate: $85.00

Reiki For Children

This is a 45-minute treatment for parents and children. 

Rate: $110.00

Some treatments may be carried out remotely without the need for the child to be present. Talk to Tracy about this option. 

Space Clearing

Tracy provides energy clearances and blessings of buildings, offices, health care clinics, homes, etc. 

Rate: $150 per hour 

Call-out fee: $100.00

Some clearances may be carried out remotely. (no need for travel) 

Reiki Training

Tracy provides Training in Levels 1, 2, and Reiki master levels. 

Level 1 Training:

1-Day Group Training: $325

One-on-one 4-hour training: $240 plus $240 (carried out on two separate days over 1 month)


Level 2 Training: $450

Gift Cards

To purchase a gift card for Tracy's services please click this link.

Get in Touch

Vancouver Hours:

Wednesday & Friday : 9 am - 6:30 pm

Two Saturdays/month : 2 pm - 6:30 pm


Port Moody Hours:

Tuesday :11 am - 6 pm

Thursdays : 11am - 6pm


Phone:  1-778-846-4889

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