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Tracy's Story
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The Full Story

I am from a lovely small town in County Kildare, Ireland. As a child, I often felt I was quite different: I was very shy and sensitive around other people; however, I never quite understood why until I was in my 30s! Before this discovery, I graduated from school, went on to study for a Degree in Environmental Health, and worked for the Scottish and Irish Governments for over10 years. During this time I got to travel the world! Life was pretty good! Or so I thought... 

In 2011-2012, I herniated a disc in my back. It was a pain I will never forget. The regular medical route was helpful to a basic degree; however, the pain medications were not working for me and I knew that there had to be an alternative. So, I started my research and found chiropractic and osteopathy which helped, but only to a certain level. My intuition told me there was more to be done. 

A friend of a friend suggested that I go see a "Healer". I was reluctant at first given my science-orientated brain. However, I really wanted to feel better. I plucked up the courage to see Brian McCullen, a Reiki Master, who within 3 sessions, helped to guide me to about 70% pain-free. It absolutely amazed me! Brian's encouragement helped me to work on the emotional and spiritual parts of myself, which I was not fully aware of prior to these healing sessions. I started to see myself in a different light. 

A few months later I started to train with Brian. Three years later and pain-free, I became a Reiki Master. Those three years were filled with self-discovery where I put in the work. That work included recognizing myself as a lot more than whom I thought I was. It required courage, patience, and an open heart.


Since coming to Vancouver in 2015, I have worked with amazing health practitioners specializing in Cancer Care, Chronic Pain, and Exercise Therapy. I have a talented team of healthcare professionals around me who have seen the benefit of my treatments and genuinely want their clients to feel better. Those referrals create balance and support for the client's journey. Helping individuals reconnect to the emotional and energetic field can often be the missing piece on their path to wellness. 


For me, empowering people as they journey through cancer treatment has been one of the many highlights of my practice, as well as working with healthcare workers on their own journeys. It warms my heart to see the missing pieces fall into place. My belief is that everyone has the ability to feel better: what's in the way, well, that is what we look at. 


It takes courage to surrender and ask for help. The most difficult part of healing is to ask for support.  

Tracy Marshall

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Tracy is available in person at three locations in the Greater Vancouver Area: Downtown Vancouver, South Granville, and Port Moody.  She is also available for virtual appointments. 

Looking forward to working with you when you feel ready.

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Vancouver Hours:

Wednesday & Friday : 9 am - 6:30 pm

Two Saturdays/month : 2 pm - 6:30 pm


Port Moody Hours:

Tuesday :11 am - 6 pm

Thursdays : 11am - 6pm


Phone:  1-778-846-4889

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