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It takes a lot of courage to step in and receive a healing session. I understand that you may have tried lots of other avenues and nothing has worked up until now. And that's where we start...we start now, in the present! My job is to see parts of you from a different perspective: I see you without the blocks or resistance to your healing, and my job is to teach and guide you to see that too. Our intention is to do this with ease and grace. 

Is This Reiki?

Tracy's original background is Tera-Mai Reiki. The sessions have evolved as Tracy herself has learned techniques to raise her own vibration. The result is a very unique healing session involving teaching, empowerment and the relaxation of Reiki. 

Before Your Appointment

If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out and Tracy is happy to call you. Response time is generally within 24 hrs. Unless she is away on vacation or at weekends. 

Prior to an in-person session, please wear comfortable clothing. Please refrain from ingestion or smoking marijuana at least a day prior to the session. The energy Tracy uses is cleansing. So anything dense, ie recreational drugs or alcohol will also be safely removed from your system. Tracy's techniques bring you back to the original form - body, heart, mind, spirit, and soul. 

Please inform Tracy of any prescription drugs currently being taken. (in person on the day of the session) 

Ideally, it is best to eat some food (a snack) 1 hr prior to the session. Please inform Tracy if you are fasting.

If your appointment is virtual, you will be emailed a link in advance of your online Zoom session with Tracy 

During Your Appointment

The healing session can be carried with you seated or laying down on a massage table. You are fully clothed with blankets and pillows provided.

After Your Appointment

In order to help with integrating the energy received, drink plenty of water and have a grounding meal or snack following the session (ie. vegetables, soup, stew, dark chocolate)

Following a healing session, you will be emailed a reminder of your session. Within the reminder is a list of short, yet effective techniques. To improve the longevity of sessions, your active participation is encouraged. Tracy wants you to heal and feel empowered: that means stepping in and enjoying this journey of self-appreciation and ultimately your wellness. 

Number of Sessions

The number of return visits to Tracy will depend on the individual, but oftentimes a foundation of at least 3 sessions is needed to fully feel the benefits; however, some may find relief after only one session while others may prefer a check-in every so often.

Insurance coverage

Tracy is a Member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. Her sessions are covered under most extended health benefits. If your insurer does not cover the session, please call them or send them an information sheet provided by Tracy.  There is no direct billing currently. 

Important Note: Investing in your health brings in abundance energetically for you. Your well-being is valuable. Tracy uses tools to help assist those who may not be able to afford back-to-back sessions.  

Book Online

Book an Appointment

Tracy is available in-person at two locations in the Greater Vancouver Area: South Granville and Port Moody.  She is also available for virtual appointments. 

Looking forward to working with you when you feel ready.

Get in Touch

Vancouver Hours:

Wednesday & Friday : 9 am - 6:30 pm

Two Saturdays/month : 2 pm - 6:30 pm


Port Moody Hours:

Tuesday :11 am - 6 pm

Thursdays : 11am - 6pm


Phone:  1-778-846-4889

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