Healing with a difference:

  • Walk your way to wellness through connecting with the earth.

  • Through connections with your true self

  • Appreciating the present and the sights and sounds around you.

You walk away with:

  • Mental tricks to shift perspective quickly & effectively

  • Positive mental dialogue that inspires action

  • Confidence and courage to overcome challenges

  • Clarity of thought and deeper self-awareness

  • Renewed energy to move forward in life

  • Ways to integrate dual aspects of your life - work/play, relationships/self, personal/professional

  • A new friend to call upon when you need her

For those who:

  • Love to walk and talk

  • Want to incorporate fun and fitness into a healing 

  • Find it hard to "relax" on a resting massage table

  • Have no expectations - just show up and be open to healing

  • Committed to starting your healing journey through positive change.