• Tracy has truly been blessed with healing hands and a comforting heart. As an individual who experiences chronic anxiety, I find that she manages to help explore the hard underlying issues while balancing it with lightness and levity. Tracy seeks to communicate in a way that I can understand. The differences from her reiki healing sessions have been been palpable leaving a sense of grounding, peace, and greater presence. Through her energetic healing I have found great support in slowly peeling away the issues which, though at times not easy, have always proved worth it in the following days. (Michelle Jennifer)

  • I booked a session of Indian head massage with Tracy, but what I received was beyond what I expected. I have been having a chronic pain in my neck and upper back and was quite stressed out that week. I believe in holistic approach to healing, so I appreciated that Tracy offered massage, energy healing and essential oils in her session. Right away I felt I was in good hands. With her soothing voice, caring personality and intuitive hands she took me on a journey to full body relaxation and peace. Somehow all my worries left my mind. It was truly ‘me’ time, with all her attention to my own physical and emotional healing. (Tatiana M.)

  • I had approx 8 reiki sessions. Didn't know what to expect. Have to say I noticed an improvement in my sleep pattern and energy levels. It's very relaxing and Tracy is always so professional and discreet in her approach. (Denise P)

  • Tracy is an amazing Reiki healer! After my first session I felt calm, relaxed, and lighter. I was able to let go of "stuff" that my physical body was holding, which decreased my neck and back tension.
    As a cancer survivor and a Doctor of Chiropractic, the importance of preventative care and healthy living is heightened for me. I care for my patients by encompassing all components of health; physical, chemical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Tracy Marshall is part of the healthcare professionals that I send my patients to see. (Dr. Rozeela Nand)