A Journey of 4,454 miles

New Years eve Vancouver 2015

Ever have that feeling of what on earth am I doing? Yup, that was me at Dublin Airport nearly 3 years ago, leaving behind a loving family, amazing friends, a good health service job and the beautiful Island of Ireland. Taking that step into the unknown, trusting my gut instinct that all will work out well. What makes us step into the unknown?

I studied Environmental Health to ultimately want to better peoples lives. By helping solve environmental problems to protection of public health. However, I began to realize, that sometimes, well, most times, I was looked upon as the bad person to many businesses and locals in the area's where I worked. I was seen as the enforcement officer. As the years went by, so did my love for the job. I would make myself happy short term with traveling to new and exciting places. I would space out my trips, so I always had something to look forward to! Looking back now, my holidays were my way of keeping me happy short term.

In January 2015, I finally made the decision to change my job. At 33 years of age, it was a big decision. Most of my friends owned houses, had babies and families at this stage. In the greater scheme of things, I was going against the grain. I applied that March for my Canadian Visa and by July it was confirmed that I'd be moving to Canada. According to google the journey from Dublin to Vancouver is a lovely 4,454 miles! Not a bad flight. Right? How long did it take for me to decide on Vancouver? What factors did I consider when making this decision? How long did it take for me to ultimately make my decision! So many questions with so many possible answers.

It takes just one heart beat to make a decision! Yet, on a grander scale, the heart beats on average 4,800 times an hour. Technically, then, we have the ability to make a serious amount of decisions every day right! But then, what stops us making decisions?

Once a decision is made, the universe responds in the most amazing ways. Once we let go of fear we can suddenly open ourselves up to endless possibilities. Trusting the process of life which ultimately begins with trusting your heart and soul. Feed your soul, take risks, feel uncomfortable sometimes, the universe will deliver.

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