Being Present in this Lifetime!

Hello, and welcome to my first blog! Sit back, relax and enjoy the read! Today, I will talk about how to master the skill of being present. For most people, getting the balance right to effectively live in the present can be quite difficult. As we are all human, we tend to not stop and think about how we live every day on a daily basis in that exact moment. How much time do we devote to thinking about the future? Or wallowing in the past? And maybe beating ourselves up over something. For example, students, they mainly live their lives for that big assignment or exam in the next few months. They project to the future which, for most, is a qualification. For others, it may be waking up every day wishing it was ten years ago and wanting to change the past.

Trauma that may have occurred in the past can affect individuals on a daily basis and can cause debilitating physical, mental and emotional symptoms. That said, many of today's society, tend to live life in the future as well as the past. What happens when we spend our time thinking about our past and the future together? Depression, anxiety, panic attacks to name but a few. When does the future actually become present for everyone? When do we stop and just become the here and now?

I will discuss why this happens and some simple techniques to help alleviate anxiety over the next few blog posts. I hope that you stay with me and enjoy the start of a journey to help you stay present in this Lifetime.

A simple technique to activate the brain is to repeat 3 times... I choose to be present. By doing this you are essentially acknowledging that as a person in this very moment, you are choosing to remain present. You can also strengthen this connection by choosing to be present in your energy field (which is your aura). So, lets try this out. Choose a place where you can be alone. Simply repeat three times "i choose to be present in my body" then repeat 3 times "i choose to be present in my aura" then repeat 3 times "I choose to be present in this lifetime". This works even better when you are out for a walk, standing on solid ground, the beach or in a wooded area. Feel yourself connect with the here and now.

Warmest blessings,


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