Great News!!
Most Extended Health Care Benefits now include Reiki.
Check with your provider. 

90-minute Empowerment Coaching and Reiki: $190.00

(in person, by phone or online)

Package of 5 x 90 min treatments: $925.00 (in person or online) 

Package of 3 x 90 min treatments $555.00

60-minute phone/online healing session $150.00

Distant Healing: $75.00 per 30 min session
(no interaction between client and healer)

Space Clearing (home, office, clinic spaces, people) 
Call out fee $150 plus added time to clear the space

Please Note: The investment in a healing session is an investment in your own healing. Self-worth is taught during the sessions. The client thus receives a return on the investment for themselves and their loved ones. Tracy's ideal client is willing to participate in homework to enable "the self" to feel empowered to heal. Recognition and accountability is key to a successful healing journey.

Reiki Coverage with Insurance Company Benefit Plans/Accounts*


Insurance Company Name

Reiki Coverage

Alberta Blue Cross

Wellness Spending Account


Wellness Plan; Wellness Account

Canada Life

HealthSolutions Plus - Healthy Living Account


Coverage depends on plan member's benefit plan or account


Personal Spending Account; Wellness Account

Cowan Group

Coverage depends on plan member's benefit plan or account

Green Shield Canada

Personal Spending Account


Wellness Plan

Industrial Alliance/iA Financial

Wellness Account


Coverage depends on plan member's benefit plan or account

People Corporation

Wellness Spending Account

Saskatchewan Blue Cross

Personal Spending Account; Wellness Spending Account

Sun Life

Personal Spending Account; Taxable Wellness Spending Account

(plus GST)