Distant Healing Power












Distant healing works on a number of levels. Reiki Masters have the ability to send healing energy, once permission is given. Likewise, we all have the ability to send good healing energy to each other. Energy travels vast distances. 

Tracy performs distant healings mainly a night time when the client is calm and relaxed. 

Clients have reported positive changes in their children and family ranging from the release of fears, phobias, etc. Clients have reported increased confidence, reduced anxiety, and reduced levels of pain.


To Book a Distant Healing: Email tracymarshallhealing@gmail.com


Distant healing sessions are generally carried out over 12 days. 3 sessions within the 12 days. Adults generally require more sessions than children. 


Investment per session: $65.00 (30 min session)

House Clearances and blessings are conducted via distant healing also. The energy of the house occupants as well as the home is cleared using Reiki Healing techniques. Pricing is based on time it takes to clear energy in a home. Size of house, number of occupants etc. 

To Book a House Clearance: Email tracymarshallhealing@gmail.com

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