Specialist Approach to Health Care Business Management 

We are in a great time of much change and chaos here on the earth. The old approach to business (ego-based logistics) is no longer effective as best practice. We are coming into an age where compassion and genuine ethical approaches to business are key elements to success. When you choose to change your mindset into a more heart-centered approach to your passion, this is where the magic happens. Authenticity is key to growing your passion-based business. Your employees and patients/clients will benefit from this balanced and caring approach. And ultimately you as the business owner will benefit from a balanced work ethic approach. 

Having worked in many health care establishments over the last 16 years, Tracy has developed a wealth of holistic knowledge-based on energy transfer from person to person.  This knowledge and these techniques are golden when it comes to having a balanced management approach. Tracy specializes in health care business settings. The goal is to provide the best care and service to benefit patients, employees, and management. 

Happy patients, happy employees, and happy managers. This works from top-down and bottom-up! There is no hierarchy. The key ingredient is effective and heart-centered communication. And respect for all. Learn how to create a balanced sacred healing space in your business or place of work today.