Tracy's Reiki Journey

Originally from Ireland, I have travelled to Vancouver to pursue my life path - to help others activate their own healing ability.


Reiki came to my life quite slowly! I come from a science-based background and received a Degree in Environmental Health in 2003 from Dublin Institute of Technology. Since then I have worked for the Public Health Department in Scotland and the Health Service Executive in Ireland.


I was very fortunate that my job allowed me the time to travel and see many places of the world. Yet, I still felt there was something missing in my life. Physically, mentally and emotionally, it was taking its toll on my health. I herniated a disc in my lower back. The pain was unbearable. 


In 2012, after having exhausted all options - a friend of mine recommended to try Reiki healing. I had never heard of Reiki until that time and amazingly, within three healing sessions, I was on the road to being pain free. Reiki brought up emotional issues that were acknowledged and set free.


During the healing sessions my mind and heart opened to this beautiful healing method. Reiki was something that I wanted to learn and share with others. My Reiki Teacher Brian McCullen, of Solas Healing, provided training and initiated me to Reiki Level One in 2013. In 2015, I completed my Reiki Master training.


In order to compliment my Reiki training, I researched another therapy known as Indian Champissage or Head Massage. I completed a Diploma in 2015 with Barbara McAteer of Holistic Therapies Ireland in conjunction with The London Centre of Indian Champissage in order to complement the Reiki Healing treatments.


My life has changed dramatically since taking a courageous leap of faith in 2015. I have been fortunate to work with amazing health practitioners. Dr. Rozeela Nand of Innate Chiropractic, Dr. Jay Lepp of Clarity in Healing, Thomas Tran (Physiotherapist), Joanne Morgan (Director of Back on Track Fitness) and currently, I am in the amazing care of Dr. Sharon Gurm, Port Moody Health. Empowering people as they journey through cancer treatment has been one of the many highlights of my practice, as well as working with health care workers. It is a pure joy to work with children also.  


My clients come from far and wide for healing sessions. It takes courage to surrender and ask for help. The most difficult part of healing is to start asking for that support. My life changed when I asked for help - and so can yours. Its time to give yourself credit. Its time to believe. 


I am currently writing a book with a goal of helping those who need it, the everyday person, the mother, the father, or son and daughter to grasp healing as a new future medicine. Belief is fundamentally essential to health. Believe in yourself... Anything is possible. 


Love, light, laughter ..... and warmest blessings


Tracy Marshall

Just for today do not worry

Just for today do not anger

Give thanks for all of your blessings

Do your work honestly

Be kind to every living thing...

© 2020 by Tracy Marshall Healing. 



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